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 Class lll

Hijacker hitches

only $99.95

(plus tax)

Phone or E-mail for
different applications.

(*While supplies last,

labour and wire kit

not included.)

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10'' Titan Premier Disc





(Plus Install)

Kit includes all hardware needed:

 Stainless steel pistons and caliper bolts, 

rotor, rotor braket, bearings, seal, retaining kit, nuts

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5000lb 9.5''

A- Frame 


(top wind)

$35.00(plus tax)


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Ball Mounts

from $15.95!

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Free Brake



Travel Trailers


Boat Trailers


Equipment Trailers

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Don't let this happen to you

Take advantage...

of our trailer wheel repack special.

$65 Per Wheel!
(plus parts)

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  • Class lll Hitches
  • Disc Brakes Assembly
  • A-Frame Jack
  • Class lll Ball Mount
  • Free Brake Inspections
  • Trailer Wheel Bearing Repack
The Professionals at Custom Hitch are pleased to offer our services....


Air Force One is the only air brake system that energizes the towed vehicle's power brakes through a patent-pending process that does not require an electronic vacuum pump. In fact, Air Force One has no moving parts to wear out at all.

Fits ALL Towed Vehicles!

No need to ask if Air Force One is compatible with your towed vehicle. Air Force One fits all makes and models – from the largest F-350 to the Hummer H2 and H3 and all hybrids -- Air Force One fits them all. Each Air Force One system comes complete with everything necessary for the installation on every towed vehicle. When you purchase a new towed vehicle, the Air Force One system is simply transferred to the new car without purchasing any new parts. This convenience comes only from SMI and Air Force One.

AFO has no electronic draw on the towed vehicle.This means that you can tow for several days without concern for your battery.

The function of electric brake wiring is to ensure that the braking system in your vehicle will activate the braking system on a towed unit efficiently. Our wiring experts are happy to help with all wiring needs including the installation of a brake controller, and wire harness to operate the trailer brakes and necessary lighting system. ie. signal lights and brakes etc. This service is most often needed for camping trailer applications

By law if the towed unit is equipped with brakes then the driver is legally obligated to have an electric brake wiring unit set up within their vehicle at all towing times.



We offer Class l, Class ll, Class lll/lV, Class V Hitches at Competitive retail and installation prices. With Quality products such as Curt, Hijacker, Valley and Hidden Hitch available for most vehicles we are able to meet the towing needs of each customer. 

Custom Hitch also offers our expertise in "Custom Hitch" requests for vehicles with out a factory hitch option. Our fabricators are skilled welders and confident builders that have the ability to make almost every vehicle compatible for towing jobs big or small.

Light wiring can vary from each make and model of vehicle.This Service is offered to those that require the use of trailer signal lights such as those on tent trailers, utility trailers and boat trailers. This installation equips the vehicle with a flat 4 connecter and in some occasions a power converter. 

This service includes axles straightening, spring replacements, and structural repairs.  If you find your trailer is not towing properly, showing tire wear, or not  tracking in a straight line you may have a bent frame or axle. These dangerous concerns occur if the trailer has been damaged by an impact,or have worn out components. We recommend you stop by and allow us to evaluate the repair needed to correct these safety issues.


If you have concerns that you may have structural frame damage Custom Hitch offers FREE frame inspections. Frame cracking can occur due to steel fatigue, poor manufacturing, a collision or damage from other suspension components. Our experts specialize in frame repair and reinforcement. This serious risk is an immediate concern and we can help you get back on the road safely and keep you trailer maintained for the future.

Did you know that it is recommended that all trailer brakes should be inspected and adjusted at least once a year prior to their hardest working season?

The Custom Hitch professionals are experienced in brake maintenance, replacement and repair. It is vital that trailer brakes be one of the safest components of your vehicle while towing.  It is also important to be sure that your wheel bearings are greased adequately. We are happy to offer a free brake inspection while we repack your bearings as needed!